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Join us in growing an inclusive, equitable, and diverse  publishing ecosystem.

Partnership Opportunity...

We are looking for partners who can help us achieve our ambitious goal of tripling our catalog  over two years. An investment in the form of an endowment will have an incredible impact on our  ability to advance our mission and contribute to a healthy democracy for many years to come. MVP  endowment opportunities include:  General operating support. General operating gifts allow us to subsidize the cost of  publishing across genres and audiences, putting more of our books in the hands of readers of  all ages.  Conservation endowment. These gifts will exclusively support the publication of stories  related to conservation, including translated works.   Jewish culture & Holocaust. In order to preserve these important stories and expand our  readers’ understanding on these subjects, these gifts will be dedicated to the publication of  new and translated works from Jewish authors.  The work we are doing has expanded steadily since our inception; we are now at a pivotal point for  increasing our impact and telling even more stories from marginalized voices. Though we have  already achieved much on our own, we cannot hope to meet our ambitious goal without support  from key partners who align with our mission to bridge equity gaps in the environmental and cultural  economies. An endowment gift will ensure that we preserve history, expand readers’  world views, and invite the next generations to continue sharing their stories.

Donors make all the difference!


MVP is the publishing arm of the nonprofit organization, Americas for Conservation + the Arts (AFC+A). Its primary goal is to publish important books in the areas represented by AFC+A.


Sales revenue is not sufficient to cover all of our publication expenses. Private giving from individuals and foundations is essential to bridge this critical gap.


Contributions to the Americas for Conservation + the Arts for MVP can enable us to:


  • Discover, develop, and disseminate influential ideas and knowledge to growing audiences.

  • Sustain its commitment to intellectual integrity and publishing of the highest caliber.

  • Embark on new and expanded initiatives such as digital publishing.

  • Most of the new titles MVP published each year benefit from donations and subsidies.

  • General Gifts reused wherever funds are needed most in the current year.

  • Individual Books and Named Books Series Sponsorships support development and production costs such as translation, editing, illustrations, permissions, design, manufacturing, and special marketing.

  • Program and operating grants provide multi-year support for translations and the planning and launch of strategic book and book marketing initiatives.

  • Endowment Funds support MVP programs in perpetuity



Levels of support and donations at MVP are:


Catalysts ($25,000+) 
Patrons ($10,000-$24,999) 
Partners ($5,000-$9,999)
Friends ($1,000-$4,999) 
Associates ($500-$999) 
Participants ($25-$499)


For more information, contact either Irene Vilar or Robert Mandel at:  or

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