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MVP’s Bestselling Books on The Holocaust



Alan Lelchuk is a novelist and professor, whose critically acclaimed novels are American Mischief, Miriam at Thirty-Four, Shrinking: The Beginning of My Own Ending, Miriam in Her Forties, Brooklyn Boy, Playing the Game, and Ziff: A Life? He co-edited 8 Great Hebrew Short Novels and has written, for young adults, On Home Ground. He is a co-founder of Steerforth Press, has taught at Brandeis University and Amherst College, and since 1985 has been on the faculty of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

“Part detective story, part philosophic inquiry, part historic revisionism, . . .a thinking man’s thriller.”— Jules Feiffer, Oscar-winning cartoonist

Fact: Due to Raoul Wallenberg heroic activity in Budapest, he was the second foreigner given the American honorary American Citizenship Award, after Winston Churchill, by Reagan in 1961.

Price: $16.95

ISBN: 9781942134046

Page Numb. 288 pages 

Type: Paperback 



Alan Lelchuk’s Searching for Wallenberg, A Novel” 


Searching for Wallenberg is a contemporary novel, set in the present day, that connects readers to a man's honorable role during the Holocaust. The book uncovers the mystery surrounding Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest from 1944 to 1945 from the Holocaust. Who then was unexpectedly arrested by the invading Soviet Army, interned in Lubyanka Prison and sent to a Gulag, in Siberia. Wallenberg was never seen again. The book intends to uncover this mystery while reflecting on the mod­ern tragedies of Jew­ish his­to­ry and their present-day lega­cies through the empath­ic fictive character, Man­ny Geller­man. Lelchuk’s contrivance, the incitement takes the form of Manny’s quest to find the ​“truth” behind the sto­ry — and above all the ulti­mate fate — of Raoul Wal­len­berg.

Andrew Potok’s 13 Stradomska Street: A Memoir of Exile and Return


When Andrew Potok was eight he fled with his family from Warsaw, leaving home and business to  escape the invading Nazis. The family made it to America, but Andrew’s memories of violence, Jew  hatred, and betrayal--including that of his father--erupted into nightmares and eventually formed the  backdrop of his rich, though at times turbulent, life as an artist and writer. 

When, late in Andrew's life, a Polish lawyer offers to help him reclaim property in Krakow that was  wrongfully inherited by a relative, he and his wife revisit Poland, with its still-virulent anti-Semitism.  The visit awakens long-dormant memories and provokes deep reflections on the nature of evil. The  ongoing lawsuit becomes emblematic of the book’s central theme: There can be no closure for  survivors of the Holocaust--no justice for victims or perpetrators, no compensation, and no forgive ness. 


Andrew Potok, a successful visual artist until he went blind in his forties, author of Ordinary Daylight, Portrait of An Artist Going Blind, My Life with Goya, a novel about a young Polish Jew’s new life in America following World War II; and  A Matter of Dignity: Changing the World of the Disabled, portraits of therapists and activists who worked to more fully integrate disabled persons into mainstream American life. He lives in Vermont.


“I was deeply stirred and instructed by 13 Stradomska Street…A fine memoir. It's also a profound meditation on human evils, on the Poland in the heart, on the persistence of the unforgivable, and on the intelligent human labor to live rightly, nevertheless. I cannot recommend it too highly.”—Todd Gitlin, author of The Twilight of Common Dreams: Why America Is Wracked by Culture Wars; The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage;


“This is a remarkable and memorable book….Potok is blind but he makes us see, as never before, not only the pre-World War Two landscape from which he and his family fled, but of how and why and at what price, despite all, they survived.”—Jay Neugeboren, author of The Stolen Jew, 1940, and Imagining Robert 

Price: $16.95

ISBN: 978-1-942134-30-5

Page Numb. 192 pages- 16pp photo insert

Type: Paperback with Flaps



Tara Masih’s “My Real Name is Hanna”


Hanna Slivka recounts experiences from her childhood to her daughter in this historical fiction, coming of age novel. An unforgettable tale of loss and survival is presented as teenage Hanna endures the Holocaust set in Ukraine. The sto­ry is based on the true expe­ri­ences of peo­ple like Han­na and her fam­i­ly, and is told effec­tive­ly and mov­ing­ly. My Real Name Is Hanna celebrates the sustaining bonds of family, the beauty of a helping hand, and the tenacity of the human spirit. The book has received many awards, most notably, the 2018 Florida Book Awards for 1st Place Young Adult-Tara Lynn Masih, St. Augustine. Han­na is an admirable, inspiring role mod­el for young read­ers.



Tara Lynn Masih, author of the acclaimed short story collection Where the Dog Star Never Glows, and editor of two award-winning anthologies, The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction & The Chalk Circle: Intercultural Prizewinning Essays, is the founder of The Best Small Fictions series. My Real Name Is Hanna is her first novel. She now lives in St. Augustine, Florida.


“One of the most inspirational stories you will read ….it is a story of defiance and resilience”—Rhapsody in Books Weblog


“With the continuing surfeit of WWII fiction, it is refreshing to find an original voice that delivers such a harrowing, yet inspiring message . . . [a] highly readable, affecting novel.” –Historical Novels Review 


“Masih creates in Hanna a strong and inspiring young female protagonist. . . It’s a haunting and hopeful work that deserves a broad audience. And at this particularly divisive time when fear and intolerance is constantly crowding the headlines, this book offers seeds of compassion to young and experienced readers alike”.--Small Press Book Review


Fact: Less than 5% of the Jewish population in Ukraine survived these Holocaust "Actions."


Price: $16.95

ISBN: 9781942134510

Page Numb. 244

Type: Paper with Flaps



Nadine Epstein’s “Elie Wiesel, An Extraordinary Life and Legacy, Writing, Reflections, Photographs”


Elie Wiesel (1928-2016) is best known as the author of Night, a survivor of Auschwitz and a powerful, enduring voice of the Holocaust. A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, he was a hero of human rights, beloved professor and author of more than 50 books. Wiesel co-founded Moment Magazine with Leonard Fein in 1975 to be a place of conversation for American Jews, for editor-in-chief Nadine Epstein, he became a mentor and friend after she took over the magazine in 2004


In this striking volume, Epstein shares her memories of Wiesel and brings together 36 reflections from friends, colleagues, and others who knew him—including his son Elisha Wiesel, Michael Berenbaum, Wolf Blitzer, Father Patrick Desbois, Ben Kingsley, Ronald S. Lauder, Bernard-Henri Levy, Kati Marton, Itzhak Perlman, Natan Sharansky, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Oprah Winfrey and Ruth Wisse. The foreword is by world famous British Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and the Afterword is by acclaimed broadcaster Ted Koppel.


To celebrate this humanitarian and keep his inspiration alive, Epstein presents readers with a visual history of Wiesel’s life and examines the influence of his seminal book, Night. This chilling story of the Holocaust has already gripped the souls of millions of readers. Epstein provides lively conversations with teenagers about Night and offers discussion questions.



Nadine Epstein, an award-winning journalist and author, is editor-in-chief and CEO of Moment Magazine.


“Elie Wdsxiesel taught us that we must not forget; that there is no greater sin than that of silence and indifference. In doing so he has not just illuminated the past; he’s illuminated the future.”—Oprah Winfrey


“Elie Wiesel performed the alchemy of converting pain, injustice and horror into love, compassion, and tolerance. We remember him not so much because he so often succeeded but because he never stopped trying.”—Ted Koppel


“Elie Wiesel was the Jewish people’s spokesperson. He looked after our moral landscape and paid attention to what happened to Jews around the world. We needed a person like that.”—Itzhak Perlman


Price: $35.00

ISBN: 9781942134572

Page Numb. 176 pages- 39 B&W half -tones and 78 color photographs

Type: Paper with Flaps

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