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Recommended Ways to Support Book Publications at MVP


1. Funding a Named Series

A Named Series takes two forms: Annual and Endowed.

All works in a Named Series carry a dedication page and series title in the book and on the back cover and are listed on the Press’s website and in its catalog.



  • This donation offsets production, marketing, advertising, printing, translation costs, and author payments. 

  • The cost of establishing such a series is $25,000 per book.

  • The publication of the books stops when funding stops.



  • An Endowed Series funds the publication of one or more books per year in perpetuity. 

  • The minimum amount needed to establish such a series is $500,000.

  • With an annual return rate of 4.75%, $500,000 generates $24,000 per year, allowing the Press to publish one book each year forever in the Endowed Named Series.

  • Because the Press keeps all of its books permanently in print and continues to build the readership for them, the establishment of an Annual or Endowed Series represents a long-term investment in the culture.

2. National Literature Series 
Celebrating Your Country’s Literature and Culture


What is a Literature Series?

A National Literature series is a long-term commitment to the partner country’s literature and culture that will ensure ongoing promotion and study of the country’s life and art. The series ensures publication in English of two to four books per year from the partner country over a period of five years. The books are distributed throughout the world in print and electronic formats and are accompanied by a multi-year marketing plan promoting the series as a whole.

Why is there a need for a country-specific Literature Series?


The publication of literary translations in the English-speaking world has dramatically decreased in the past two decades. Much of the best international literature remains unknown and underrepresented in Anglophone countries and the cultural richness and diversity of individual countries are not made available to English readers.
It is often said that books in translation have no market and are therefore unprofitable – they pass through the market unnoticed and forgotten. A series, however, allows the books to reach a wider audience as they can be promoted over a number of years and placed in a wider cultural context.


What are the benefits of a Series?


Training of young or beginning translators.

One of the goals of the series is to work with translation students at universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and the Series partner country and involve them in the publishing process by having them create sample translations, write readers’ reports, and participate in the editing process.


Increased visibility of a country’s language in the English-speaking world.

The Series books are presented to associations of high school and college-level foreign language teachers and marketed for classroom adoption at university level throughout both the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition, sample translations and readers’ reports in English are made available on the partner’s website, to be used by other publishers around the world in order to encourage translation of texts into other languages.

Dissemination and Promotion of the works.
The books are distributed throughout English-speaking countries and English-language bookstores in other countries, as well as available electronically 

Marketing initiatives for the Series are coordinated with appropriate government agencies that promote the partner country’s literature and culture at large. The series is promoted extensively on the MVP website as well as in English-language media and is accompanied by readings, annual launches, and events at embassies, international book festivals, universities, libraries, and bookstores.

Who can support such a series?

Mandel Vilar Press is looking for partners in any country to initiate several Literature Series. Partners can include but are not limited to, Ministries of Culture, funding agencies, embassies (Culture and or Tourism Offices), foundations, and private individuals.



Countries and organizations that wish to receive more information on this program should contact:
Irene Vilar,


Make a donation
Contributions from private donors are the lifeline of the press, supplementing the revenue from sales and making possible the publication of new works.

Mandel Vilar Press is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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