Harold Augenbraum, Director of National Book Foundation

Junot Díaz, Author

Alan Lelchuk, Novelist, Steerforth Press, and Dartmouth College

Rigoberto Gonzalez, Author & Professor (Rutgers University)

Edith Grossman, Translator

Jorge Iber, Associate Dean & Historian (Texas Tech University)

Naomi Lindstrom, Professor (University of Texas) 

Adriana V. Lopez, Author & Reporter (New York Times) 

Mirta Ojito, Author & Prof., Columbia University 

Chad W. Post, Publisher, Open Letter

Gregory Rabassa, Translator & Prof. (Queens College) 

Luis J. Rodriguez, Author

Thane Rosenbaum, Novelist and Senior Fellow at NYU School of Law

Margaret Sayers Peden, Translator

Doug Unger, Author & Professor (UNLV)

Nadine Epstein, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief, Moment Magazine

Merrill Leffler, Publisher, Dryad Press

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