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The Book of Stone examines the evolution of the terrorist mentality and the complexities of religious extremism, as well as how easily a vulnerable mind can be exploited for dark purposes. Matthew Stone has inherited a troubling legacy: a gangster grandfather and a distant father--who is also a disgraced judge. After his father's death, Matthew is a young man alone. He turns to his father's beloved books for comfort, perceiving within them guidance that leads him to connect with a group of religious extremists. As Matthew immerses himself in this unfamiliar world, the FBI seeks his assistance to foil the group's violent plot. Caught between these powerful forces, haunted by losses past and present, and desperate for redemption, Matthew charts a course of increasing peril--for himself and for everyone around him. Lyrical and incendiary, The Book of Stone is a masterfully crafted novel that reveals the ambiguities of "good" and "evil".

The Book of Stone

SKU: 9781941493045
  • A Canadian-born American writer, Papernick is the author of two collections of stories, The Ascent of Eli Israel and There is No Other and two novels, The Book of Stone and I am My Beloveds. He is a senior writer-in-residence at Emerson College in Boston 

  • “The Book of Stone is a psychological thriller with a complex soul. In the tradition of writers like Robert Stone and Ian McEwan, Papernick describes the quest to save oneself by redeeming history, and the perilous consequences that arise from confusing the two tasks. It's a harrowing, distinguished book.” - Steve Stern, author of The Wedding Jester and The Angel of Forgetfulness “The Book of Stone is going to have everyone on the planet talking. Blistering smart, provocative and passionate, Papernick’s astounding novel layers a complex father and son story onto the Jewish/Arab conflict, where fierce loyalties and stunning betrayals are about to detonate. Nothing is as it seems in this divided American world: the political becomes personal, religious faith overrides family, and fear can shatter the possibility of love. An astonishing achievement that’s sure to ignite dialogue.” - Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Is This Tomorrow and Pictures of You “Devastating, gripping and beautiful. The Book of Stone is about fathers and sons, how the past haunts the present, how trauma transcends generations and how wrong we can be about those who made us who we are…. Open this book carefully. You will close it changed.”  - Dara Horn, award-winning author of The World to Come and A Guide for the Perplexed “Equal parts thriller and literary epic—a smart, haunting novel that entertains as it apprises. Papernick writes with impressive important read for our historical moment. “ - Sara Novic, author of Girl at War

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