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Betty Ferber-Aridjis

Betty Ferber-Aridjis


American Pulitzer Prize-winning critic, journalist, poet, and artist

American prize-winning novelist and playwright

Mexican poet, novelist, environmental activist, journalist and diplomat

French, Jewish postwar author

Author and illustrator 

Liliane Atlan

Rachel Biale

Allan Appeal

Henry Allen

Homero Aridjis

Austrian-American actor, folk singer, musician, composer, unionist and political activist

Puerto Rico-born novelist, poet and scriptwriter

Detective and history novelist 

Award-winning journalist and author, and editor-in-chief and CEO of Moment Magazine

American-Israeli writer, journalist, and public speaker 

Theodore Bikel

Pedro Cabiya

Nadine Epstein

Dick Cluster

Aimee Ginsburg-Bikel


Award winning ecuadorin author

Civil rights advocate, researcher, journalist and author

American writer, memoirist and poet

Slovakian writer, poet, director, screen-writer and actor of the GUnaGU theatre

Paul Gruhler

Edna Itturalde

Alan Kaufman

Charles Kamasaki

Viliam Klimacek

Author, journalist and teacher

Mother, daughter, cancer survivor and author

American novelist, professor, and editor

Jewish author

 American cartoonist, editor, and author

Beth Kissileff

Dara Kurtz

Blume Lempel

Alan Lelchuk

Bob Mankoff

 Award-winning, bestselling YA novelist

 American novelist, essayist, and short story writer

Andrew Potok

Painter, writer, and author

Tane Rosenbaum

American novelist, essayist, and Distinguished University Professor

Amy Schwartz

Author and illustrator

Tara Lynn Masih 

Jay Neugeboren

Nava Semel

Israeli author, playwright, screenwriter and translator

Alla Shapiro

Medical Officer at the Office of Counterterrorism, Emergency Coordination at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and author

Will Wootton

Author and former college president of Sterling College

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