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Updated: Mar 15, 2019

A Treasury of Israeli Speculative Literature. Edited by Sheldon Teitelbaum and Emanuel Lottem.

The first English-language anthology of Israeli fantasy and science fiction, a portal into the speculative literature from the ultimate ImagiNation.

“This anthology showcases an impressive array of 16 speculative stories by Israeli Authors …. The high quality of work makes this anthology enjoyable and accessible for any fan of speculative fiction.”—Publishers Weekly.

“This splendid new anthology will open a window on contemporary Israeli fantasy and science fiction — a stream of powerful work that we need to know more about.”– Robert Silverberg, author and editor of SF, multiple winner of Hugo and Nebula Awards, member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, and a Science Fiction Writers of America SF Grand Master.

“An excellent collection of speculative fiction”—World Literature Today

‘The first anthology of speculative fiction in translation from Israel; bringing together the best contemporary SF from Hebrew, Russian, and English, Zion’s Fiction will introduce American readers to the rich but little-known SF tradition that has flourished in this tiny country in the Middle East.”—Rachel Cordasco, Literary Hub, 7/20/18

“This first English-language collection of Israeli speculative fiction fills a hole in the literature of international sf… This notable anthology is appropriate for all sf fans and a valuable resource for any library.” Library Journal

A must have for hardcore science fiction fans…. This is more than just a collection from a specified group of writers. This is a compilation of good writing, pure and simple….Readers should be able to find…many stories they’ll want to reread over and over. ….this will open a gateway to some of the worlds most talented authors they may not have otherwise been exposed to, but more importantly, it will as entertain your imagination.” Ricky L. Brown, September 2018, Amazing Stories Magazine

What we come away with, finally, is a sense that Israeli fantasy and SF is as lively and rewarding as any body of SF, and just as diverse – both in terms of the topics and themes and in terms of modes of writing, which range from the seriously literary and almost postmodern to playful celebrations of older SF traditions. Teitelbaum & Lottem have done an admirable job of balancing these various voices and traditions, recognizing both mainstream writers who occasionally venture into the fantastic and writers clearly aware of the genre they’re working in. Locus Magazine, September 2018

This anthology showcases the best Israeli science fiction and fantasy literature published since the 1980s. The stories included come from Hebrew, Russian, and English-language sources, and include well-known authors such as Shimon Adaf, Pesach (Pavel) Amnuel, Gail Hareven, Savyon Liebrecht, Nava Semel and Lavie Tidhar, as well as a hot-list of newly translated Israeli writers. The book features: an historical and contemporary survey of Israeli science fiction and fantasy literature by the editors; a foreword by revered SF/F writer Robert Silverberg; an afterword by Dr. Aharon Hauptman, the founding editor of Fantasia 2000, Israel’s seminal SF/F magazine; an author biography for each story included in the volume; and illustrations for each story by award winning American-born Israeli artist, Avi Katz.


“Zion’s Fiction will supply a distinctive bright line to the spectrum of futuristic fiction, which stands in sore need of broadening, in the cause of promoting cross-cultural understanding as well as showcasing exciting new talent.”– Brian Stableford, author of over 70 novels and renown SF historian

“Zion’s Fiction explores the unlimited dreams of a people who have learned to stand on shifting ground. To face a future filled with danger and hope, forging into territory that can only be surveyed with the lamp of imagination on our brows.”– David Brin, multiple Hugo and Nebula award-author of EARTH and Existence.

“When my collection Wandering Stars: An Anthology of Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction was published in 1974,[It] became a classic. And now…we have the first ever anthology in the entire universe of Israeli fantasy and science fiction: Zion’s Fiction…Go forth and read…and may you find Zion’s Fiction unexpected, delightful, and delirious!”–Jack Dann, award winning author and editor of over 75 books including The Memory Cathedral and The Silent

“The basic joy in science fiction and fantasy is the chance to look inside minds different from your own. Here’s your chance. Some bright minds in the nation of Israel have been exercising their imaginations, sharing their different dreams and nightmares, and the results are ours to enjoy.” – Larry Niven, a multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of the Ringworld Series


Sheldon Teitelbaum, an award-winning Los Angeles-based Canadian/American/Israeli writer, and former member of the Editorial Board of Fantasia 2000, is a longtime commentator on Jewish and Israeli science fiction and fantasy literature who has published widely in the Los Angeles Times, Cinefantastique, The Jerusalem Report, Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction, and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction


Emanuel Lottem, a central figure in Israeli science fiction and fantasy scene and former member of the Editorial Board of Fantasia 2000, is the translator and editor of some of the best SF/F books published in Hebrew, and a moving force in the creation of the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Avi Katz, an award-winning American-born Israeli illustrator, cartoonist, and painter, is the staff illustrator of Jerusalem Report magazine. He has illustrated over 170 books in Israel and the U.S.

ISBN: 9781942134527/ Paper with Flaps/ $24.95/ 320 pages/ 6 x 9

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