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NEWS of the EARTH, by Homero Aridjis & Betty Ferber

Learn valuable lessons of how we can preserve our global environment, by an environmental leader who has been on the front lines defending the Earth for decades.

"No one in Mexico has made a more important contribution to protecting that country's environment, an effort that has had ripple effects throughout the world," –Lester Brown, the US environmentalist and founder of both the Worldwatch and Earth Policy institutes.

A poet and an environmental activist, Homero Aridjis, along with his wife and translator, Betty Ferber, and the Group of 100 (an organization of leading citizens in the arts, literature, culture and science) have spent a lifetime fighting to save the species and ecosystems in Latin America.

News of the Earth highlights the many environmental battles and victories won for wild places and wildlife including campaigns to save monarch butterflies, gray whales, the bottle-nosed dolphin, the endangered coral reefs, the bee population, the rain forests, and the giant saguaro cactus and sea turtles. Time after time, new development pressures in Mexico have threatened the national heritage of that country and time after time Aridjis, Ferber, and the Group of 100 have stood against the forces that would ignore the environmental damage that development projects can wreak.

Aridjis declares: “We are at a critical moment for the Earth. Climate change, the precipitous loss of biodiversity, and shrinking water, forest, and fishing resources threaten the survival of life as we know it. There are those who argue that resources must be sacrificed to combat poverty but that would amount to squandering the present at the expense of the future.” Aridjis’s lifelong battle against threats to endangered ecosystems and wildlife in his country, many with global implications, provide environmentalists worldwide valuable lessons learned by someone who has been on the front lines defending the earth for decades.


“A captivating historical account of the conservationist movement. News of the Earth is a thoughtful, engaging work about a man of great conscience, concerned with nothing less than the fate of the planet.” Joseph S. Pete, Foreword Reviews Magazine (January/February 2018)

“Aridjis’s eloquent and informed defense of nature should be read by everyone who is concerned for the future of our planet.” Mark J. Palmer, Director of the International Marine Mammal Project in latest issue of Earth Island Journal

This collection of his articles of over more than thirty years of fighting to preserve our natural wonders will be an inspiration to future generations. Aridjis is an international icon for his environmental activism. —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., author of Crimes Against Nature

"Homero is one of the planet's great environmental heroes."—Jacob Scherr, Director, Global Strategy & Advocacy, Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington, D.C.


Homero Aridjis, author of over forty-five books of poetry and prose, translated into fifteen languages, who served as Mexico’s Ambassador to Switzerland, The Netherlands, and UNESCO, and international president of PEN International, was the founder (in 1985) and president of the Group of 100, an environmentalist association of writers, artists, and scientists. He has been a visiting professor at Indiana, New York, and Columbia universities and the University of California, (Irvine). He is the author of Eyes to See Otherwise (New Directions), Solar Poems (City Lights) and 1492 The Life and Times of Juan Cabezon of Castile (University of New Mexico Press). He received awards from the United Nations (Global 500 Award), the Orion Society, Mikhail Gorbachev and Global Green USA and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Betty Ferber (Aridjis) born in New York and a graduate of Bryn Mawr College has served as the International Coordinator of the Grupo de los Cien (Group of 100) since its founding in 1985. She has translated this book as well as three novels by Homero Aridjis into English: 1492 The Life and Times of Juan Cabezon of Castile, The Lord of the Last Days: Visions of the Year 1000 and Persephone. Her lifelong commitment to the environment was also honored by Mikhail Gorbachev and Global Green USA with the Green Cross Millennium Award for International Environmental Leadership.

ISBN: 9781942134091/ Paper with Flaps/ $24.95/ 408 pages/ 6.25 X 9.25

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