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MVP is one of only a handful of publishers dedicated to connecting the literature of the Americas.


MVP serves as a conduit of multicultural exchange and a crucial channel for majoritizing minority literature and peoples.


MVP brings underrepresented literatures and a much needed diversity to a larger English speaking readership!

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"MVP will be devoted to publishing the numerous great writers overlooked by corporate publishers and with no doubt will live up to Franz Kafka’s mandate that 'A book must be the axe of the frozen sea within us.'"



"MVP will help open up our cultural borders and will play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and vibrant democracy and cultural literacy. Less than 1% of US readers read in translation. In contrast, in some European countries such as France and Germany the figure is closer to 30%. There is much to ponder about the health of a nation when its peoples don’t read across cultures. This ignorance breeds bigotry and prejudice. It is clear that publishing translations is one urgent mandate for the making of an empathic, global citizen. This is why the launch of MVPress is so momentous."




Latest news

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Recognition: Endorsements & Awards

Click here for 2018 INDIES Finalist "My Real Name is Hanna," by Tara Lynn Masih


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Click here for Florida Book Gold  Medal Award in the Young Adult category for 2018 to "My Real Name is Hanna," by Tara Lynn Masih