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Dr. Robert Mandel and Irene Vilar, AFC+A's Founder & CEO, would like to invite you to become a Member of  CULTURA in a BOX CLUB


AFC+A has been over the years collecting an extensive literature on the topics of environmental, children's books, outdoors, novels, science fiction, and more, which are normally offered at its annual REWILD BOOK FAIR during ALEF- Americas Latino Eco Festival.

AFC+A is also grateful to have a curated diversity collection of pieces of art, given by amazing Artists after their collaboration in our different initiatives, during these years.

It is our priority in AFC+A to share these assets with our FAMILIA, for this reason, we open  CULTURA in a BOX CLUB, where your membership through monthly donations will give you the CULTURA Points for the opportunity to get in a Box your own selection of  a BOOK or ART from our collection  Cultura in a Box Club Catalog.

For more information and to register to the Club, please visit Afcanatura.org